24 10 / 2011

I had an amazing experience today. I went to Mass this evening. I left early to get gas for my car and realized that i mistook what time Mass started and had an extra 20 minutes. I decided to take the scenic route to the Church and was captivated by the sunset and of fond memories and thoughts of friends that I haven’t spoken to in a while. I reminisced and it made me smile. Along the drive was a subtle sense of calm that was ever-present and I knew it was a blessing from God. I still got to Mass 20 minutes before it started and knelt down in prayer. As I began to kneel someone caught my eye. I have no idea who he was but something was telling me to pray for him. He was across the Church and seemed to be incredibly troubled. There was so much unrest and my heart went out to him. I started out my pre-Mass prayers with a few prayers for him; that God comfort him and be his strength. As soon as I began to pray for him I felt a fire inside of me ignite. It was a massive flame from the pit of my stomach, to the tip of my skull, that originated from and started from my heart. The first time I experienced that flame was while praying the first rosary in a schedule that a friend of mine created for me. I offered up tonight’s Mass for that stranger as well as for my own personal intentions. The flame stayed throughout the Mass and I wouldn’t let it go out. He seem to calm a bit during the Mass and I couldn’t help but smile knowing that God would answer my prayer and bring him consolation for whatever he was going through. It may not happen right away but somehow I just know that God will be with this mysterious stranger that has helped me more than he knows. Somehow knowing that God will help him give me a glimmer of hope (ever so faint) for my own wretch of a life. I feel stronger even though I’m exhausted. Maybe there can be hope. I take that back. There is hope. I’m supposed to be re-training my mind and my thought process to be more positive and not so destructive. So there is hope. With every breath comes added hope, restoration of life, and strength.

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